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wamperth 4wd outback travel

Outback 4WD Travel In Australia 

By (WAM)  Western Australia Multimedia

Rocky Pool

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Rocky Pool

Situated 56Km north east of Carnarvon, it is a pool formed among rocks, hence it's name, actually it is part of a river but this section has water permanently and the river is dry. Summer time the sand is very hot and the water very warm.  Ideal overnight stop. Bush toilet but no other facilities. Road in is very easy. Best spot is down a small path to the river sand. All 4WD vehicles that try to drive on the sand get bogged, so beware. The car park section is very rocky and pool access from there difficult. One of my favorite places. Some shade available at the sandy end. The road in is a mixture of gravel and tar but in good condition. The track to the pool last time I was there was a bit rough, but its only 2km from the road to the pool and It had been raining.


Rocky Pool Best spot to park as from here the pool area is easy to access. Rocky Pool The main area, above is where most park, but to access the pool is difficult
Rocky Pool A view of the pool area looking towards where parking and access is easy. The sand is clean and non sticky, same as a good beach. Rocky Pool Looking across the pool. This section is very deep.
Rocky Pool with Shez My favorite section. Here it starts shallow and gradually gets deep as you walk towards the main area. Rocky Pool with Shez and Ben The main car park. My kids wont stay still for a photo.
Rocky Pool with Sheba and Ben Another time we where there. This is at the deep part just below the above picture.    

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