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wamperth 4wd outback travel

Outback 4WD Travel In Australia 

By (WAM)  Western Australia Multimedia

Cleaverville Beach

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Cleaverville Beach. 

Situated about 35 km North of Karratha and 13 km to the beach on what is now a good gravel road. It used to be free but now you pay the ranger from Karratha council who will collect your fee. There are no facilities. Good for swimming in high tide. Low tide swimming is dangerous due to sharp reef. Water is warm. Fishing is excellent.


Cleaverville Beach Our Bush camp at Cleaverville Beach. Cleaverville Beach

Looking back at the entrance to our camp. the entry to the beach is over the hills. Behind us is the beach.

Cleaverville Beach Looking towards the boat launching ramp which is really a bit rough but easy enough Cleaverville Beach More of the beach front during low tide. High tide the reef is completely covered. Fishing here is actually very good and we lived on our catch which varies in type of fish. In fact we never caught the same type twice
Cleaverville Beach The sand is clean soft and smooth which does not stick to the skin. This is high tide. Cleaverville Beach Fishing here off the reef is pretty good. This picture is taken during low tide. Best time to fish here is actually at high tide.



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