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wamperth 4wd outback travel

Outback 4WD Travel In Australia 

By (WAM)  Western Australia Multimedia

Cape Keraudren

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Cape Keraudren

Situated at the start of 80 mile Beach heading to Broome. It is a nature reserve with a ranger who looks after the reserve. It is the usual pay place however in this instance I agree to pay as the ranger does have a large place to patrol and allot of people to regulate. It is a popular spot and fishing here is excellent either from the river or from the sea. Beware though that this place has Midges which are at its worse in the early morning. Use Bushman spray to protect yourself as these tiny almost invisible insects can cause long term itching agony. From experience I can tell you that itching can last for three months  with nothing to stop it. Mongrel insects they are (Grin)


Cape Keraudren Not too far from the turn off to 80 mile beach looking towards Perth. What you see is the horizon, not the ocean. Cape Keraudren

A view of the reserve from the main road in.

Cape Keraudren Campers on the ocean side, not too far from me. In fact they are only 3ks as the crow flies. Cape Keraudren a kangaroo A baby kangaroo checks us out when we woke up in the morning. This is at our camping spot. This little fellow made a racket during the night wondering what the 4WD was. He was under it and kept banging the undercarriage with his tail
Cape Keraudren river This is another view of our camping spot with the river at low tide. Cape Keraudren

Yet another view of our spot from the pathway that runs past which goes to the picture below.


Cape Keraudren A view of the reserve which is a combination of rivers and coast. Lots of wild life live here.    

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