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wamperth 4wd outback travel

Outback 4WD Travel In Australia 

By (WAM)  Western Australia Multimedia

Canning Trail 1

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The Canning Stock Route Trail  

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These pictures are taken from a video which did not come out too good. 


Canning Stock Route Arriving at a water hole and camp spot for the night. Canning Stock Route Camel A Camel who decided to show us the way. He ran on the track for ages, not that it made any difference to our speed lol.
Canning Stock Route Night time on the horizon and our camp setup. Canning Stock Route Cave A cave face which looks pretty awesome.
Canning Stock Route Trip Dingos A dingo who got curious and wondered what we were up to. Canning Stock Route Fuel Dump The half way fuel dump. This is where you refuel all vehicles for continuing the trip. It is 1000km to this point so there is only 1000km to still go
Canning Stock Route Fuel Can Too much heat on a drum and KABANG. This was a shot in a million, like filming in the right place at the right time. No fire, just allot of wasted precious liquid.    

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