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wamperth 4wd outback travel

Outback 4WD Travel In Australia 

By (WAM)  Western Australia Multimedia

Canning Wells

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The Canning Stock Route Trail  

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Some of the wells you will be stopping at to replenish your water supplies or simply have a rest at. 


Canning Stock Route Water Well

Well this one is kind of modern. Two people to drive it though would be easier than one

Canning Stock Route Water Well

Filling up the now dry water bottles

Canning Stock Route Water Well The old wind up type with bucket and rope Canning Stock Route Water Well The sign at well 26
Canning Stock Route Water Well The way these birds scrambled for water made every one wonder if they waited here for the traveler to get a drink Canning Stock Route Wind Mill The end of the trail and a familiar sight. A windmill to get your water from

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